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A Superstar on the Rise

Whitney before “How Will I Know.” Madonna before “Borderline.” Gaga before “Just Dance.”

Imagine getting a chance to listen to and review these icons before they hit superstardom? That’s how it feels to write about Eya.

Singer/Actress/Model is on the cusp of the big-time break. This immensely talented young artist, who only moved to LA a few years ago, has two singles that are taking the world by storm.

Nobody Else But You” gained her immediate recognition throughout the industry. But it’s her current hit, “Dancing Alone Forever” that I believe will push her to the forefront of today’s pop/dance superstars.

According to her offical bio:

Eya moved to LA to pursue her acting career, and in 2012 she graduated from the world-renowned Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute. Eya broke into the world of fashion in 2014, signing with Willow Models. She appeared in many successful ad campaigns and was chosen to model for multiple designers at LAFW.

Eya’s music career blossomed unexpectedly when she met Taryll Jackson, from the famed Jackson family and musical group “3T,” in post-production on an indie movie she wrote & produced. Taryll gave Eya her first singing lesson, and since then the duo has been hitting the studio hard, creating original, hot, danceable songs shaped by Taryll’s exceptional talents in writing, instrumentation & production, and given youthful expression by Eya’s strong, rich, velvety voice. They are justly proud of their first album.

So she’s exactly on target…an amazing voice, a signature look, industry experience, top-notch producers and management. I firmly believe there is no where else for her to go but to the top. It’s rare that the music industry is blessed with someone who can do it all. Eya is one of those who can and IS doing it all, and it’s been an honor to highlight her here. (And her pet French bulldog Augustus is adorable!)

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